Aslan MirkalaMi

I currently reside in Toronto, Canada and am one of the top Transformation high-performance Result coaches in the country. Over the years I have developed the most powerful methodologies that can be used to help people realize their dreams and manifest them into reality. Whether it is financial, personal, emotional, physical or mental issues I have the capability to tune into my clients needs and recover a specific blueprint unique to each of them. This allows them to gain permanent and lasting success in whatever area they were struggling with before.

Early Life – Studying While Escaping From War

I was born in a middle class family of IRAN. As a teenager, I suffered from constant failures at high school because of ADD. However, this issue resolved fortunately with the help of performance coaching later and led me to immigrate to Canada at the age of 20 for exploring a better life.

Moving to a country with almost no money, $750 only, English language incompetency, no family around me and facing multiple unknown cultures, made my life journey filled with hundreds of new challenges.

Over the past decades, I have converted this pressure into excellence by continues learning and helping others to elevate their dreams and achieve their goals.

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Secrets of the Wealthy mind

how to create wealth using your Unconscious mind

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Aslan, has helped me transform my life. His coaching is very different because he helps me to believe in myself so that I go and get it. I have now continuously achieved my goals thanks to him.

Breakthroughs – Becoming A Success In A New Country

Immediately, I started a small business as a salesman by going door to door. People around me, were thinking that I am possibly crazy as I did not have a permanent location to live or even sometimes could not afford food to eat on a daily basis.

After some time and overcoming these challenges, I could quickly scale my small business into a million-dollar one by using the success, wealth mindset and result achievement methods which currently I am coaching my clients with.

Subsequently, I started an auction company. Then after, a retail company and eventually, in 1999, I settled on an online retail company for trading Persian rugs called

This was where I could enjoy my greatest success, upon that time, by selling of hundreds of rugs and shipping them worldwide to more than 42 countries. I went through a lot more details about my career path and my winnings in my book HERE.

Closer to The Present – Refining Myself and Helping Others

At the age of 30, one of my family members was diagnosed with severe mental illness and this started my journey through personal development and the search for ways to help my him to recover.
Amid all this, my own life took a turn when I got depression around the age of 40. My original approach was visiting a therapist for about three years. However, this could do nothing to help me. 

After single-handedly driving my life to another direction and beating the depression; I thought to myself that it is my mission to help others with my lessons learnt during this journey for overcoming the issues they are struggling with and finding the real direction in their lives.

Therefore, I became a high-performance coach with a radical new approach and I have been changing lives since then. I do this by connecting with people, giving speeches at various events and working with my clients on a 1-2-1 coaching basis through the program.

  • Successful high-performance coach with a MASSIVE real-world experience.
  • Down to earth and GENUINE guy who enjoys helping others to ACHIEVE SUCCESS.
  • Always seeking ways of bringing greater VALUE to those around him
  • Consistency in LEARNING and EVOLVING as the world changes around us

Secrets of the wealthy mind

how to create wealth using your conscious mind

It's your chance to create the life you want!

Aslan Mirkalami

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