Believing is Seeing

Believing is Seeing

Aligning Your Beliefs For Health, Success and Financial Prosperity

This book will change your life!

The changes I experienced in my life once I changed my beliefs regarding health, success and financial prosperity have been immense. So much so that I knew I had to share them with the world. Which I have decided to do through my book.

In Believing is Seeing, I share my journey from immigrant to successful entrepreneur and the lessons this taught me about the POWER OF THE MIND. Then, I draw on my years of research and coaching experience to show you exactly how you can align your inner beliefs to achieve the biggest goals and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

What do you believe deep down about yourself and the world around you? Many people aren’t aware of their deepest unconscious beliefs even though they shape our awareness and habits each day. They tell us how much success we deserve, how rich or poor we should be, and whether we should have healthy relationships.

Below is a quick snapshot of the various chapters included in the book and how they can help CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better.

What You'll Gain from the book

The Seed of Curiosity & The School of Life

The amazing thing about life is how things can be progressing down a certain path but curiosity can take you to a completely different place. In this chapter I explain how growing up I had no idea I would end up fleeing war and then go on to create multi-million dollar companies.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit & Shifting Gears/Changing Focus

How sometimes our greatest successes and decisions come from when we have to compromise or change from the direction we initially wanted to go. Changing gears and focusing on new opportunities when old ones become obsolete is essential to becoming a success in all areas of life.

New Paths/Discoveries & Becoming a Catalyst for Change

Understanding when things have changed and identifying new directions to move in is an essential part of life. Unlike in the previous chapters where we focused on dealing with forced changes, these chapters focus on taking preemptive action to stay ahead of the competition or to prevent issues in your life before they occur.

Imaging and Creating Change & A New Formula for Change

Sometimes you can be doing almost everything right, your working hard, having great success but it isn’t translating into material or monetary wealth. In this chapter I explain how sometimes you can be doing everything right but you haven’t given yourself a chance to shoot for even greater wins.

Letting Go and Moving On & Moving Forward and Upward

Letting go and moving on is one of the key pieces of advice than many of us receive throughout life but what does it really mean? In this chapter I explain how sometimes it can be better to overlook some issues and move past them as dwelling and spending time, effort and stressing over them only sets you back.

Using Self-Hypnosis for Change & Establishing Contact With Your Unconscious

Changing your state of mind to allow yourself to communicate with a deeper part of your mind is one of the most fundamental parts of changing your unconscious belief system. It can also bring the greatest clarity to people as they finally discover what their purpose in life is.

Finding and Changing Core Beliefs & Examples of Belief in Action

I discuss all this and more over the next two chapters where I showcase examples of changes people have gone through after changing core beliefs. I also explain the practical applications of this newfound knowledge once it is discovered.

Reaching Your Full Potential

The final chapter of the book deals with reaching your full potential. It sums up how all the moving parts of the previous chapters can be put together to create a really effective method of pushing yourself past limitations, proving the doubters wrong (including yourself) and becoming the best version of yourself.

What Experts are saying about this book?


I used to look and feel tired all the time but after just one session I was able to put these issues behind me. I love his work and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for solutions.

Fatemeh Hussaini


Aslan is the BEST!!!

I have been to many coaching sessions before in my life but Aslan is the ONE which made the real difference. Thank you Aslan.

Joshua D


This book has transformed the way I look at my life, it has simply changed the way I view my reality and have I can easily create it.

John F

About The Author

I currently reside in Toronto, Canada and am one of the top high-performance coaches in the country. Over the years I have developed some of the most powerful methodologies that can be used to help people realize their dreams and manifest them into reality. Whether it is financial, personal, emotional, physical or mental issues I have the capability to tune into my clients needs and recover a specific blueprint unique to each of them. This allows them to gain permanent and lasting success in whatever area they were struggling with before.

I was born into a middle-class family in Iran and at the age of 15 I found myself dealing with ADD. I was failing at school but with the help of a performance coach I recovered quickly and at the age of twenty I left for Canada due to the war in Iran. I landed in Toronto Airport with $750 to my name and nothing else, no connections, no family and no ability to speak English.

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