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ASLAN Mirkalani

Author, Speaker and Results Driven Coach

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Secrets of the Wealthy mind

how to create wealth using your Unconscious mind

This book reveals about the concepts I use in my everyday life to achieve The Result.

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I met aslan about 6 years ago. i was 24 and was having one of the worst periods of my life. I was stressed out and i flew to toronto to work with aslan. within 8 to 10 months, aslan helped me make a million dollars and start a new business.

Kacper Maciej Postawski

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Aslan’s creative approach engages audience and helps them to envisage themselves in the similar scenarios happening for many people everyday.

If you or your business are going through difficulties or just want to expand further, then Aslan is the one whom you want to connect with to unlock the UNTAPPED POTENTIAL of you, your company and your team.

Are you or your team struggling with completing the objectives on time or hit sales targets? Then you need Aslan support and clues. With his ability to delve deep into the issue and discover a UNIQUE BLUEPRINT which suits your needs. It can be simply a great loss of not using his strategies.

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Aslan’s keynote topics include:

  • How to turn each day into the BEST day!
  • How to achieve your Goals effortlessly!
  • How to Quadruple your income!


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Secrets of the wealthy mind

how to create wealth using your conscious mind

It's your chance to create the life you want!

Aslan Mirkalami

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