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Secrets of the Wealthy mind

how to create wealth using your Unconscious mind

This book reveals about the concepts I use in my everyday life to achieve The Result.

Secrets Of The Wealthy Mind

This book helps you to rebuild your life by using the unconscious mind. With this book, you will find out how essential it is to have a money mindset if you want to be financially successful.

secrets of the wealthy mind

Believing Is Seeing

In this book, I have shared my life journey from being an immigrant to a successful entrepreneur and the steps that helped me to make money, be healthier and more fortunate financially.

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"secrets of the healthy mind" by aslan Mirkalami

I wrote this book with this hope that it may lead others to bring the same success in their life as mine by applying the same techniques I have used. Through a fascinating career as an immigrant, entrepreneur and performance coach, I have learned primarily how important it can be to have a money mindset in order to gain the success.

After years of studying and several times of trial and errors, I have discovered PROVEN techniques that all people, no matter what gender or age, can implement to to get rid of self-limiting beliefs while adjusting their unconscious thinking for a lifelong prosperity.

Building a wealth is all about getting the right education, making key connections and catching lucky breaks? OR achieving financial dreams is a matter of adjusting the state of mind?

If you want to know the mystery of how you can break through unseen barriers which have been holding you back all the times and live an abundant life; then SECRETS OF THE WEALTHY MIND is the book for you!

"Believing is seeing" by aslan Mirkalami

I have experience many evolutions in my life. These revolutionary changes of my believes in health, success and financial prosperity impressed my life so much that I thought I must share them with the world through my book.

In BELIEVING IS SEEING, I have shared my life journey from being an immigrant to a successful entrepreneur and the lessons learnt about the POWER OF MIND. Then, I have drawn a mind map based on my several years of research and coaching experience to show you exactly how you can set your inner beliefs aligned for achieving the big goals and live a life you have always dreamed of.

Deep down, what is you truly believe about yourself and the world around you? Many people are not aware of their inner unconscious beliefs. Even though, these deep faiths shape our awareness and habits each day.

They convince us how much success we deserve, how rich or poor we should be or what type of relationship you should engage in.

I am forever grateful that I met Aslan

After suffering major back pain for years and being told that the only way to fix it was surgery Aslan helped me overcome this pain and to go back to full nights of undisturbed sleep along with mental and physical stability. I used to look and feel tired all the time but after just one session I was able to put these issues behind me. I love his work and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for solutions to whatever strange problems life may have thrown at you. I know that I am forever grateful that I met Aslan and look forward to working with him again into the future

Fatemeh Hussaini

I feel like a new person

I had the privilege of meeting Aslan three weeks ago. After many years spent trying to make breakthroughs with self development and spiritual awakenings I was achieving results, performing well and succeeding but I felt stuck at a certain point and I wanted to take myself to the next level. I was in his office performing exercises which at the time I thought seemed very futile. Three weeks later and the infection was gone. Six months later and I almost had a fully range of movement in my arm once again. I feel like a new person and it’s all thanks to Aslan

Joshua D

Secrets of the wealthy mind

how to create wealth using your conscious mind

It's your chance to create the life you want!

Aslan Mirkalami

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