Secrets Of The Wealthy Mind

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Secrets Of The Wealthy Mind

How to Create Wealth Using Your Unconscious Mind

In this book you will...

  • Discover the powerful secrets of your own mind which will help you to take charge of your life and create what you want.
  • You will also know what attracts wealth, once you implement it in your life you then see the magic unfold right in front of your eyes. You will be able predict where you are going.
  • You also understand the reasons why you sometimes self-sabotage your success so that you can prevent yourself from doing it.

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About The Book

I wrote this book in the hopes that it ushers the same success into your life that many of these techniques helped bring into mine.

Through a fascinating career as an immigrant, entrepreneur and performance coach I have learned firsthand how important it is to have a money mindset if you want to find success.

Over years of study and a long trial-and-error process, I have discovered PROVEN techniques that men and women of all ages can use to shed self-limiting beliefs while adjusting their unconscious thinking for lifelong prosperity.

Is building wealth about getting the right education, making key connections and catching lucky breaks? Or, could it be that achieving your financial dreams is a matter of adjusting your state of mind?

If you want to know how you can break through the unseen barriers that have been holding you back and live a life of ABUNDANCE, then Secrets Of The Wealthy Mind is the book for you!

What You'll Gain from the book

The Money Mindset & My Journey From The Ground Up

What determines how much money you have? Your education, your connections or your inborn talents? In these chapters I discuss my journey from the ground up and how by changing your mindset you can change your life.

A New Challenge & Why Beliefs/Values Matter

The path to success isn’t often as direct as many people hope. Resilience after experiencing failure is a major indicator of success, that is why beliefs and values matter so much as they keep you going during tough times.

Meeting Your Unconscious Mind & Identifying Your Money Beliefs

Learning about your unconscious beliefs after identifying where problems may lay is one of the core requirements before you can begin to accumulate wealth. In these chapters I go through how I identified my beliefs and discovered how my unconscious mind was working.

Breaking With Limiting Beliefs & Replacing Them

Breaking limiting beliefs is the most liberating feeling as you leave fear behind and become a better version of yourself. So much of what we achieve in life is down to what we tell ourselves we are capable of. Replacing negative ones with positive ones can make all the difference.

Reinforcing Your New Beliefs and Turning Success Into Something Bigger

Once you have identified new and correct beliefs you will gain confidence as you begin to succeed. In this chapter I will show you how you can use this newfound confidence to inspire even more success and into something even bigger.

About The Author

Aslan Mirkalani

I currently reside in Toronto, Canada and am one of the top high-performance coaches in the country. Over the years I have developed some of the most powerful methodologies that can be used to help people realize their dreams and manifest them into reality. Whether it is financial, personal, emotional, physical or mental issues I have the capability to tune into my clients needs and recover a specific blueprint unique to each of them. This allows them to gain permanent and lasting success in whatever area they were struggling with before.

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